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A lyrical setting of the classic Japanese children’s tune, often played at traffic lights to indicate that it is safe to cross.

Backing track:

通りゃんせ 通りゃんせ
ここはどこの 細道じゃ
天神さまの 細道じゃ
ちっと通して 下しゃんせ
御用のないもの 通しゃせぬ
この子の七つの 御祝いに
御札を納めに 参ります
行きはよいよい 帰りはこわい
通りゃんせ 通りゃんせ

You may go in, you may enter
Which way is this narrow pathway?
This is the narrow pathway of the Tenjin shrine
Please allow me to go through
Those without good reason shall not pass
To celebrate the 7th birthday of this child
We’ve come to dedicate our offering
Going in is easy, but returning is scary
It’s scary, but
You may go in, You may pass through

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